ESPN Asheville’s Program Schedule

Atlanta Braves Baseball Plays on ESPN Asheville.   Join Jim Powell and Don Sutton for all of the action again this year on ESPN Asheville 1310- 970 & 97.3 FM.

Atlanta Braves Broadcast Schedule  (All Times Are Eastern).

Fri, 4/22 Mets 7:35p
Sat, 4/23 Mets 7:10p
Sun, 4/24 Mets 1:35p
Mon, 4/25 Red Sox 7:10p
Tue, 4/26 Red Sox 7:10p
Wed, 4/27 at Red Sox 7:10p
Thu, 4/28 at Red Sox 7:10p
Fri, 4/29 at Cubs 2:20p
Sat, 4/30 at Cubs 2:20p
Sun, 5/1 at Cubs 2:20p
Mon, 5/2 at Mets 7:10p
Tue, 5/3 at Mets 7:10p
Wed, 5/4 at Mets 1:10p
Fri, 5/6 D-backs 7:35p
Sat, 5/7 D-backs 7:10p
Sun, 5/8 D-backs 1:35p
Tue, 5/10 Phillies 7:10p
Wed, 5/11 Phillies 7:10p
Thu, 5/12 Phillies 7:10p
Fri, 5/13 at Royals 8:15p
Sat, 5/14 at Royals 7:15p
Sun, 5/15 at Royals 2:15p
Mon, 5/16 at Pirates 7:05p
Tue, 5/17 at Pirates 7:05p
Wed, 5/18 at Pirates 7:05p
Thu, 5/19 at Pirates 7:05p
Fri, 5/20 at Phillies 7:05p
Sat, 5/21 at Phillies 3:05p
Sun, 5/22 at Phillies 1:35p
Tue, 5/24 Brewers 7:10p
Wed, 5/25 Brewers 7:10p
Thu, 5/26 Brewers 7:10p
Fri, 5/27 Marlins 7:35p
Sat, 5/28 Marlins 4:10p
Sun, 5/29 Marlins 5:05p
Mon, 5/30 Giants 1:10p
Tue, 5/31 Giants 7:10p
Wed, 6/1 Giants 7:10p
Thu, 6/2 Giants 12:10p
Fri, 6/3 at Dodgers 10:10p
Sat, 6/4 at Dodgers 10:10p
Sun, 6/5 at Dodgers 4:10p
Mon, 6/6 at Padres 10:10p
Tue, 6/7 at Padres 10:10p
Wed, 6/8 at Padres 3:40p
Fri, 6/10 Cubs 7:35p
Sat, 6/11 Cubs 4:10p
Sun, 6/12 Cubs 1:35p
Mon, 6/13 Reds 7:10p
Tue, 6/14 Reds 7:10p
Wed, 6/15 Reds 7:10p
Thu, 6/16 Reds 12:10p
Fri, 6/17 at Mets 7:10p
Sat, 6/18 at Mets 8:15p
Sun, 6/19 at Mets 1:10p
Tue, 6/21 at Marlins 7:10p
Wed, 6/22 at Marlins 12:10p
Thu, 6/23 Mets 7:10p
Fri, 6/24 Mets 7:35p
Sat, 6/25 Mets 7:15p
Sun, 6/26 Mets 1:35p
Mon, 6/27 Indians 7:10p
Tue, 6/28 Indians 7:10p
Wed, 6/29 Indians 7:10p
Thu, 6/30 Marlins 7:10p
Fri, 7/1 Marlins 7:35p
Sat, 7/2 Marlins 4:10p
Sun, 7/3 Marlins 8:05p
Mon, 7/4 at Phillies 4:05p
Tue, 7/5 at Phillies 7:05p
Wed, 7/6 at Phillies 1:05p
Fri, 7/8 at White Sox 8:10p
Sat, 7/9 at White Sox 2:10p
Sun, 7/10 at White Sox 2:10p
Fri, 7/15 Rockies 7:35p
Sat, 7/16 Rockies 7:10p
Sun, 7/17 Rockies 1:35p
Mon, 7/18 at Reds 7:10p
Tue, 7/19 at Reds 7:10p
Wed, 7/20 at Reds 12:35p
Thu, 7/21 at Rockies 8:40p
Fri, 7/22 at Rockies 8:40p
Sat, 7/23 at Rockies 8:10p
Sun, 7/24 at Rockies 4:10p
Tue, 7/26 at Twins 8:10p
Wed, 7/27 at Twins 8:10p
Thu, 7/28 Phillies 7:10p
Fri, 7/29 Phillies 7:35p
Sat, 7/30 Phillies 7:10p
Sun, 7/31 Phillies 1:35p
Tue, 8/2 Pirates 7:10p
Wed, 8/3 Pirates 7:10p
Thu, 8/4 Pirates 7:10p
Fri, 8/5 at Cardinals 8:15p
Sat, 8/6 at Cardinals 7:15p
Sun, 8/7 at Cardinals 2:15p
Mon, 8/8 at Brewers 7:20p
Tue, 8/9 at Brewers 8:10p
Wed, 8/10 at Brewers 8:10p
Thu, 8/11 at Brewers 2:10p
Fri, 8/12 at Nationals 7:05p
Sat, 8/13 at Nationals 7:05p
Sun, 8/14 at Nationals 1:35p
Tue, 8/16 Twins 7:10p
Wed, 8/17 Twins 7:10p
Thu, 8/18 Nationals 7:10p
Fri, 8/19 Nationals 7:35p
Sat, 8/20 Nationals 7:10p
Sun, 8/21 Nationals 1:35p
Mon, 8/22 at D-backs 9:40p
Tue, 8/23 at D-backs 9:40p
Wed, 8/24 at D-backs 9:40p
Thu, 8/25 at D-backs 9:40p
Fri, 8/26 at Giants 10:15p
Sat, 8/27 at Giants 9:05p
Sun, 8/28 at Giants 4:05p
Tue, 8/30 Padres 7:10p
Wed, 8/31 Padres 7:10p
Thu, 9/1 Padres 12:10p
Fri, 9/2 at Phillies 7:05p
Sat, 9/3 at Phillies 7:05p
Sun, 9/4 at Phillies 1:35p
Mon, 9/5 at Nationals 4:05p
Tue, 9/6 at Nationals 7:05p
Wed, 9/7 at Nationals 7:05p
Fri, 9/9 Mets 7:35p
Sat, 9/10 Mets 7:10p
Sun, 9/11 Mets 1:35p
Mon, 9/12 Marlins 7:10p

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